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Welcome to DS Dolls Philippines

This is the official site of DS Dolls Philippines. Each of our doll is hand-made. The production process involves over 80 working procedures and consumes over 2 weeks. Each working procedure is completed by professional sculptors, stylists and cosmeticians.


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please “[Click Me]“, and create your own doll. Once finished, take a screenshot of your creation with her total price and send it to [email protected]





about doll

Shipping Fee:

Shipping fee will be 500 to 700usd for air transport. For sea transport, the shipping fee will be Php5,000






Delivery time:

As doll products are special and involve complex working procedures, we only accept advanced orders for the time being. It takes 15 days to complete manufacturing a doll after confirmation of the order. During the manufacturing process, we will inform the customers of the production progress and the relevant information at all times.